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Please pardon the cross-posting.

For those interested in offering coding opportunities at your library, you may also be interested in an upcoming 4-week online workshop (course) from Library Journal. Each week will be led by different people who have experience with coding and/or coding in libraries. "We’ll give you the tools you need to create library programs around coding languages (e.g. HTML, CSS, Python), career development software (e.g. Adobe Creative Suites, Salesforce, WordPress), and early learning (e.g. Scratch and robotics) without having to know how to code."

Coding Program Workshop: Create Tech Programming that Supports Digital Literacy
Dates: February 28, 2017 - March 21, 2017
Cost: $349; with early bird discount until January 12th, cost is $261; site also mentions group discounts
Details: http://learn.libraryjournal.com/courses/codeyourlibrary/

As an aside, ALA released a video today called "Libraries Ready to Code" as part of the project with the same name. "Introduced during Computer Science (CS) Education Week, the video depicts coding activities in public and school libraries and underscores how libraries can increase exposure and access to CS learning opportunities for youth. The video will be used as an advocacy tool to increase awareness of library coding activities among decision makers, influencers and other stakeholders at all levels."

Details about the video: http://www.districtdispatch.org/2016/12/new-libraries-ready-to-code-video/
Details about the project: http://www.ala.org/news/press-releases/2016/04/ala-google-launch-libraries-ready-code-0


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OSLIS | www.oslis.org<http://www.oslis.org>
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Join peers and leaders to create tech programming that supports digital literacy

[Maker Workshop]<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-0e92-1612/Bct/l-ftaf/l-ftaf:353/ct1_0/1?sid=TV2:6JipwLbip>

Registration now open for the Coding Program Workshop<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-0e92-1612/Bct/l-ftaf/l-ftaf:353/ct2_0/1?sid=TV2:6JipwLbip>

We are excited to announce that the second installment of our Coding Program online course<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-0e92-1612/Bct/l-ftaf/l-ftaf:353/ct1_1/1?sid=TV2:6JipwLbip> will feature all new content to teach you how to launch a coding program in your library that will promote digital literacy and impact your community.

Over four weeks, you will have direct access to live speakers via webcasts and be challenged to complete assignments and field research that will result in a complete understanding of how to run computer programming courses that will introduce your patrons to new career paths and technologies.

Check out the website here<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-0e92-1612/Bct/l-ftaf/l-ftaf:353/ct1_2/1?sid=TV2:6JipwLbip>

We’ll give you the tools you need to create library programs for your patrons around coding languages (e.g. HTML, CSS, Python), career development software (e.g. Adobe Creative Suites, Wordpress), and early learning (e.g. Scratch and robotics) without having to know how to code.

[LEARN MORE]<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-0e92-1612/Bct/l-ftaf/l-ftaf:353/ct1_3/1?sid=TV2:6JipwLbip>

Program Highlights

Making the Case for a Coding Program and Getting Buy-In
Brook Osborne of Code.org will touch on the current state of coding education in the U.S. and what initiatives like the Computer Science for All might mean for schools and libraries. She’ll give you tips and resources to use when getting your library’s stakeholders on board to build out your program.

Break the Code: What Coding Program Does Your Community Need?
Learn how to assess what types of coding programming your community or school needs from your library. You will learn methods to survey and review your library patrons’ needs to determine demand and create a master plan for launching an engaging program.

Inspiration from the ideaLab
Hear one educator’s journey getting his coding program off the ground. Nate Stone will share his process on growing the coding program at Denver Public Library. Nate has experience using free online resources to develop an advanced coding program. He will discuss ideas for how you can build creative programming at your library, and how these programs serve the community and create meaningful connections with patrons.

Code Clubs: Hybrid Learning Model for the 21st Century
Prenda.co has been implementing Code Clubs into libraries since 2013 with a hybrid learning model using online resources, in-person meetings, and gamification. Through Code Clubs, students learn how to write their own code, creating animations and video games. In this session, you will learn the ins and outs of Code Clubs and how to get one started at your own library.

Host Hackathons, Hours of Code, and Coding Workshops
Engage your community, nurture collaborative learning, and empower patrons with tech gatherings. Through coding events, including hackathons, Hour of Code events, and Coding Workshops, your library will create opportunities to code in a fun, exciting environment that entice new and existing library members. Get the big picture of one-off events, learn best practices, and discover the power of these collaborative gatherings on your community.

Importance of Coding Programs for Teens
As a teen services librarian, Matt Lorenzo develops creative programming to keep his teenaged patrons engaged and learning new things. With his program CUHacks, an overnight hackathon for teenagers aged 14-19, teens put their engineering, robotic, and computer programming skills to use. Learn how libraries have become a home for digital learning for teenagers and how impactful that can be on a community.

For more information please visit<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-0e92-1612/Bct/l-ftaf/l-ftaf:353/ct1_4/1?sid=TV2:6JipwLbip> the Coding Program Workshop website where you can view<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-0e92-1612/Bct/l-ftaf/l-ftaf:353/ct1_5/1?sid=TV2:6JipwLbip> the speaker lineup and download the agenda<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-0e92-1612/Bct/l-ftaf/l-ftaf:353/ct3_0/1?sid=TV2:6JipwLbip>.

[Order Now]<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-0e92-1612/Bct/l-ftaf/l-ftaf:353/ct4_0/1?sid=TV2:6JipwLbip>

Register<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-0e92-1612/Bct/l-ftaf/l-ftaf:353/ct2_1/1?sid=TV2:6JipwLbip> by midnight on Friday, January 13
to receive your 25% early-bird discount!

Can’t make it this time, but know someone who might benefit from this course?
Please forward this email<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-0e92-1612/Bct/l-ftaf/l-ftaf:353/ct5_0/1?sid=TV2:6JipwLbip>.

[Library Journal Professional Development]<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-0e92-1612/Bct/l-ftaf/l-ftaf:353/ct6_0/1?sid=TV2:6JipwLbip>

Maker Workshop 20% advance discount ends December 16th!<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-0e92-1612/Bct/l-ftaf/l-ftaf:353/ct7_0/1?sid=TV2:6JipwLbip>
Beginning January 31, Maker Workshop returns with all new content to explore multiple technologies, digital making, STEAM, and web literacy programs for all ages, including special sessions devoted to teen programming and education. Register<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-0e92-1612/Bct/l-ftaf/l-ftaf:353/ct7_1/1?sid=TV2:6JipwLbip> before December 16th for 20% off the standard rate.
Learn More...<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-0e92-1612/Bct/l-ftaf/l-ftaf:353/ct8_0/1?sid=TV2:6JipwLbip>


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