[kids-lib] Suggestions: Book talking for 3rd graders on biography

Debbie Pfeiffer debbiep at harneycountylibrary.org
Tue Feb 2 20:10:23 PST 2016

I wanted to thank Paige, Debra, Sherri, Chere, Kate, Jane, Casle,  
Doris, and anyone else I missed for your wonderful insights and  
suggestions for book talking for 3rd graders on biographies. The  
combined wisdom helped me totally rock my first book talks! Two third  
grade classes left buzzing about biographies and asking if we could do  
the Name That Person game show next time. :) (Paige, I believe it was  
your ALA blog and description of this that helped.)

The book suggestions were great, and I had more checked out than I or  
their teachers expected. I also now will be tweaking it for next time,  
but also for 4th grade classes (and maybe even a 5th grade class down  
the road). Was happy to find some of the picture book versions in our  
public library to share with them as well.

I also came across these two picture books that I particularly liked,  
in addition to other fabulous ones people recommended:
On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein, by Jennifer Berne
Tallchief: America's Prima Ballerina, by Maria Tallchief, Rosemary  
Wells, Gary Kelley
Those 2 aren't particularly brand new, though are by our standards.

The kids were also buzzing because of the Taboo game buzzer I had for  
them to use during the presentation. That was almost as popular as  
wanting to guess. LOL.

Plus it was a definite bright spot during a time when the schools are  
having to have door monitors, indoor recess, and other precautions due  
to the residual effects of the Malheur refuge occupation right  
now--meaning we have an occupation of sorts in town too.

Thanks again!
Debbie Pfeiffer
Debbie Pfeiffer
School Library Coordinator
Harney County Library/Slater Elem/Hines MS/ESD
debbiep at harneycountylibrary.org

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