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Tue Mar 1 09:37:13 PST 2016

Hi everyone,

If you’re going to the OLA Conference in Bend and are planning to attend
the Guerilla Storytime Share session, do your fellow attendees (and me) a
solid by filling out this 10-second Guerilla Storytime Survey. Challenge
suggestions are also welcome!


This will help me develop challenges relevant to your interests and ensure
the session is fun and useful for all of us!

For those of you who’ve never attended (or heard of) a Guerilla Storytime,
here’s how it works:

Bring your A-game (and your listening cap) to Guerilla Storytime because
this session is all about YOU! The sparkly Cup O' Challenges will be full
of quandaries such as: How do you deal with a parent who spends all of
storytime on their cell phone? What's your favorite way to incorporate
early literacy skills like phonological awareness into storytime? What's
your favorite tickle rhyme for toddlers? Everyone will take turns sharing
their best answers to these pressing questions, which were submitted by
actual children's librarians from all over Oregon. Brilliant ideas



Barratt Miller
CSD Chair 2015-16
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