[kids-lib] 2017 Annual Report on Challenge is now available

Katie Anderson katie.anderson at state.or.us
Wed Aug 9 16:02:28 PDT 2017

The 2017 Annual Report<http://www.oregon.gov/osl/LD/projects/OIFC/2017.oifc.annual.report.pdf> on Challenges to Library Materials in Oregon is now available! Last year 20 items were challenged at six public libraries in Oregon. Nineteen of the items were retained and one is complicated so you'll have to read the report to find out what happened! You can learn more about the Oregon Intellectual Freedom Clearinghouse<http://www.oregon.gov/osl/LD/Pages/projects/OIFC/index.aspx> (OIFC) on our website.

I encourage you to incorporate this information and/or the titles of the challenged materials in your Banned Books Week<http://www.oregon.gov/osl/LD/Pages/projects/OIFC/BBW.aspx> displays and activities.  Many people may not realize that book banning is not a thing from the past or that attempts to ban books are made every year right here in Oregon.  This is a valuable educational opportunity to discuss the nature of the First Amendment-just as we have a right to access these materials in our libraries, we have a right to question whether they are appropriate to include in public collections.

*         Why might someone find these materials inappropriate?

*         Why should they remain in the collection?

*         Is labeling a book an effective way to inform people about content that may not be appropriate for everyone or is it a form of censorship?

*         What would you do if someone came up to you in your library and said they want you to remove a book from the collection?

*         Why is a collection development policy the most important line of defense when library materials are challenged?

*         Does your library have a policy or established procedure for patrons to challenge material?

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Katie Anderson
Youth Services Consultant
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