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I thought many of you would be interested in International Federal of Library Association’s info graphic about spotting fake news.—Katie

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How To Spot Fake News
With Wikipedia’s #1lib1ref<https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/The_Wikipedia_Library/1Lib1Ref> (One Librarian, One Reference) campaign going on – the theme of last week being fake news – IFLA posted an How to Spot Fake News infographic on facebook<https://www.facebook.com/115229368506017/photos/a.598622580166691.1073741825.115229368506017/1569242836437989/?type=3&theater> and twitter<https://twitter.com/IFLA/status/824977792609697793>. We also published a blog about the topic<http://blogs.ifla.org/lpa/2017/01/27/alternative-facts-and-fake-news-verifiability-in-the-information-society/>, exploring some of the ways libraries help battle alternative facts and fake news.
Discussions about fake news has led to a new focus on media literacy more broadly, and the role of libraries and other education institutions in providing this. When Oxford Dictionaries announce post-truth is Word of the Year 2016, we as librarians realise action is needed to educate and advocate for critical thinking – a crucial skill when navigating the information society.

The fake news infographic shows eight simple steps (based on FactCheck.org’s 2016 article How to Spot Fake News<http://www.factcheck.org/2016/11/how-to-spot-fake-news/>) to discover the verifiability of a given news-piece in front of you. Download, print, translate, and share – at home, at your library, in your local community, and in social media networks. The more we crowdsource or wisdom, the wiser the world becomes.
If you want to make a translation of the infographic to your language,  please contact Karolina Andersdotter<mailto:karolina.andersdotter at ifla.org> or Evgeni Hristov<mailto:evgeni.hristov at ifla.org> at IFLA Headquarters for an editable version of the infographic. We currently have translations in these languages pending, soon to be published on the IFLA website<http://www.ifla.org/publications/node/11174>: Spanish, Dutch, Hungarian, Swedish, Finnish – do feel free to add to this list! :-)


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