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Taylor Worley taylorlgkw at gmail.com
Sat Mar 25 08:48:45 PDT 2017

Hi everyone,

We're looking for a book that a patron read in the 80's when he was in
grade or middle school. The book is about a girl who uses a
doll/robot/android to start doing/inhabiting parts of her life for her. The
doll/robot/android eventually takes over and the girl feels like she
doesn't exist in her own life anymore. She has to disable/turn off the
doll/robot/android with a knob/switch at the back of the
doll/robot/android's neck.

I've been searching since yesterday but there are so many variables (and
the patron admits he probably has some of the details incorrect. I hoping
that one of you simply remembers the title or knows some wizardry we don't.

I'll keep searching, too. Thanks!

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