[kids-lib] Summer Reading research question

Linda Annable L.Annable at Newportlibrary.org
Tue Nov 6 13:32:50 PST 2018

For the last three years we have added a fundraiser to our summer reading programs.  Summer 2016 and 2017, at each of our weekly performances, some of our teen volunteers did free face painting for any child in attendance.  We had a donation box available and announced which local charitable organization we were donating to for the summer.

Last year we had lemonade available free, but again folks knew we were taking donations  for a local community charitable organization.

The face paints were donated by two members of our Library Foundation.   They had purchased good quality supplies for an elementary school event and had left over.  We had paint brushes in our craft supplies, so we had no cost.  The lemonade was another donation from the Library Foundation.  The frozen lemonade was left over from a  Library sponsored event earlier in the spring.  Our only cost this summer was the small serving sized cups we purchased for the individual servings of lemonade.  All the time was donated by our teen volunteers.

Over the years we have given to our local chapter of Special Olympics, to Lincoln County Foster Families (to buy clothing for children newly placed with families), and to our local animal shelter.

None of our fundraisers had anything to do with the volume of reading over the summer though.

Good luck Carson!

Linda Annable

Linda Annable
Newport Public Library
Supervising Librarian

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Hey everyone

I am doing some research on Summer Reading and was hoping some of you might be able to help. I am looking for libraries-in Oregon and beyond-that have some kind of community giving aspect to their Summer Reading program. For example, I have heard of libraries doing "Reading for Good" in which hours read by kids translates to money donated to a non-profit organization.

Do any of your libraries do something similar? Or have you heard of other libraries that do?

Thanks in advance

Carson Mischel
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