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Korie Jones Buerkle korie.buerkle at newbergoregon.gov
Fri Mar 27 12:22:37 PDT 2020

Hi friends,
As we are all figuring things out, I thought I would share some things I've learned doing Online Storytimes. First, let me tell you that I had never made a video before last week. I imagine that many of you are way ahead of me on these things, so this is from a beginner. I know these are far from perfect, but I'm learning, loving it and continuing to improve.
You can see my storytimes here: https://www.newbergoregon.gov/library/page/storytimes

I'm using the iMovie app on my iPhone. I used these tutorials to figure things out: 

I use the Typorama app to make the text at the beginning and end of the videos. You can see my progression in the videos figuring out what I should be including, like copyright info and info on where I found the fingerplays.

I take pictures of the picture book pages, edit them in photos, then import them to iMovie. I adjust the time the picture is shown to work with how long it takes to say the words on the page. This takes time, but I really like the result. I use the voice over option in iMovie. 

When you are filming take your time getting situated, you can easily delete the beginning and ending to only what you need. Um, not all clothes work great on camera. Some patterns or colors could be more distracting than you want. 

Outside sound really filters in. I've started yelling "I need quiet on the set" before I start filming at home. My 11 and 9 year old don't think I'm funny though. If our neighbor is using the leaf blower I have to wait until he's done. There's probably a great way to mic yourself but I haven't done that yet. My bedroom ceiling is high and I know that's not ideal.

I've saved this SLJ article (thank you Greta!) to check on copyright: https://www.slj.com/?detailStory=publishers-adapt-policies-to-help-educators-coronavirus-covid19
Also, I emailed Disney/Hyperion about Dinosaur versus the Potty because I wanted to use it for storytime in a partnership with Public Works ("flushable" wipes are NOT flushable). They got back to me within a few minutes and said that Little, Brown now holds the copyright (who is on the SLJ list). So, it's worth asking publishers if you really want to read the book, it might be easier than you think. 

I'm channeling Mister Rogers and started reaching out to people I know for videos that go with my storytime theme. Everyone is so excited to help! I learned to give specific suggestions of this is how you could start, please keep it about 3 minutes, this is how you could end. It's also a way to make the world a little bigger and connect community. Coming up I've got rabbits (Rabbit Pie), ducks (Duck on a Bike), yoga (You are a Lion), a bakery (Nannette and the Baguette), a dental hygienist (My Toothbrush is Missing), and musicians (Because by Mo Willems) . 

Making videos and editing takes way more time than I realized it would. Part of that is because I'm learning. But it definitely takes time. For me it's been really fun to learn. I would love to hear anything else people are doing and learning.

Take care and stay well friends,

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