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Below is an email from the current chair of ACRL-OR which brilliantly expresses the rewards of  stepping up to a leadership role despite being an introvert with no personal goals in that direction. 

CSD is still looking for candidates for vice-chair. Feel free to call or email me if you are even a tiny bit tempted to run. 

Jane Corry
Past cochair of CSD
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> Subject: [Libs-Or] Why be an ACRL-Oregon Leader? Let me tell you why.
> ACRL-Oregon is seeking additional candidates for the Vice President / President Elect position. As someone who had not really been involved in OLA but still somehow found herself in a leadership position, I wanted to share a bit of my own personal experience. 
> Up until I was elected two years ago, I would have scoffed if someone would have told me that I would become the leader of our local professional organization. I’m generally on the “I” end of the Meyers-Briggs, and am not someone who generally puts myself out there professionally. I am comfortable leading when necessary, but really I’d rather just listen to what others have to say and then direct the traffic. TBH, being the President of ACRL-OR was not on my bucket list. But I’ll tell you what -- I am so incredibly grateful that former board member Janet Tapper sweet-talked me into running, because this has been such an incredibly rewarding experience. So in order to hopefully sweet-talk some of y’all into running for the Vice President position, I wanted to share two important lessons I’ve learned during my time on the ACRL-Oregon Board:
> (1) You do not need Board experience to be a leader. You just need to be willing to learn from others. Luckily, the ACRL-Oregon Vice President / President Elect position is a role that unfolds incrementally, allowing you to first learn from our colleagues as the Vice President, take over (sometimes still fumbling, but learning as you go) as the President, then share your knowledge as the wizened Outgoing President. The Board is collaborative, and others will have your back along the way. I had barely interacted with ACRL-Oregon before becoming the VP, and others held my hand through the learning curve. I can hold your hand, too.
> (2) The relationships I’ve built with Board members is one of the most valuable assets I’ve gained in this position. I barely knew Meredith before taking on this position, but now I consider her not only a colleague, but a friend. I had never met some of our Board members, while others I actively helped recruit specifically because I wanted the opportunity to work with them. If I want to present at a conference or write a paper in the future, these are my potential collaborators.
> So what I'm saying here, is that if I can do this, you can absolutely do this. Nominations are due tomorrow (May 5th), and I encourage you to consider running for Vice President / President Elect. You’ll get to work with a committee of dedicated library activists, and if this is your first time in this position, you’ll have Rachel Bridgewater (current Vice President / President Elect) and I to help you along the way. More information about the position and how to nominate yourself can be found at https://acrloregon.org/2020/04/23/deadline-extended-acrl-board-nominations/. If you have questions about the Vice President / President Elect position, feel free to contact me directly.
> Oh, and to further sweeten the sweet-talking, here is a quote from Meredith about her experience as ACRL-Oregon President:
> "Being ACRL-OR President was one of the best professional experiences of my career. It was an opportunity to  really create change and make things happen that are consistent with the professional values I hold most dear. I had the opportunity to increase ACRL-OR's reach by developing programs like our webinar series and to change our scholarship criteria in an effort to diversify our recipients. I also was able to advocate for things I cared deeply about from a place of authority. Being on the ACRL-OR Board means getting to know and collaborate with some fantastic library workers across the state who share my commitment to strengthening Oregon academic libraries. If there are issues you are passionate about or you're looking to connect with other academic librarians across the state, there is no better opportunity than being on the ACRL-OR Board."
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