[kids-lib] Friday August 13th Shoutout - All the Things

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Hello everyone,

You may already have seen the word cloud below from the ARSL listserve this week. It’s about all the roles library staff take on in their communities. It reminded me of being at my last library, a very old building with creaky pipes in which my colleagues and I would take turns plunging the toilet. I hope none of you have had to toilet plunge this week but I also want to acknowledge it’s been a week full of tough stuff – continuing COVID changes, wildfires and smoke inhalation, heat that is pretty tough on a lot of folks. Thanks for all the work you continue to do in the midst of these challenges to keep the doors open and services running for your communities, we appreciate you!



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Wow.... just wow! I am constantly amazed at the ARSL community. Thank you ALL so much for the responses. I am in awe at all that you do for your community. You are superheroes! Quite literally! I have attached a list of all the replies.

I also wanted to feed this into a word cloud and see what it looked like.... Man.. Plumber is high up there!

All the best,
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