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Hello everybody,

If you have done Leap Into Science<http://leap.fi.edu/> before, I wanted to let you know that if you’d like to continue, you can take this year’s training virtually from Oregon ASK<https://oregonask.org/> with trainer Rachel Kessler, see dates and registration links below. If you have not taken any Leap Into Science training, you can ALSO do this year’s project, and you will also receive a materials kit for your library.

This is the last year of this grant project intended to support more families in learning about science together, and because so many libraries in our state have done training already, Oregon ASK is taking the lead in this final year. We are assuming it will be mostly afterschool programs this time around, but feel free to join in and surprise me! 😊

If you have any questions, let me know!


Upcoming Trainings

Leap into Science Light & Shadows Virtual Training
February 17th from 6-8pm REGISTER HERE <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001sf50tjDYVefMjQo_ZsH-52viduypr1WFGA3wMJ-MnerxJ9iByyGiei55VyxodTUdPiDi7SkSyGhwfQUgeaFTTDzNEaWh10yZrwqiW5yIVzd-4vvSNpNCTnvBEaJ8rxj6jyhEdWEqiVvcArPGhl0Q97eVabFkO7FXIlh7rguot_k2QRFjtmlGTQfpZcZrAKJr_ZjEi7F579G44Gj4ML-GT8kpxrNDUr4u-IzveVp7JjSSBwa5gOuzhe4u8r4xL9Tz&c=ArZqoCDdW-JtYIIJyr7PTDxEgjPCgotbxhoRbcsIP-F8v1_TzoQTXA==&ch=7s8q_cUS3LBsX3E3dYsvr60ujjj0wlX-8TLupnC7owUAqbziKlFw7A==> for FREE
March 3rd from 10am-12pm REGISTER HERE<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001sf50tjDYVefMjQo_ZsH-52viduypr1WFGA3wMJ-MnerxJ9iByyGiei55VyxodTUdP3G8zzHlGwo3pQK5Oj5LGKfHGNgtqNubUya1JN4bHektmQU3QKu3waWBeuppvGQ3HGc6jkhrT_e-LCOzYNHmEjPhglHKLJTiIJHS4B0805QWGFEIQqNduW_ObKThKT3-IY7xd88ZY93jBpgQ-QPfGrEAxLHVTbGiB7NtCl5tFla3-lyfYMsaE6_W0icw9emn&c=ArZqoCDdW-JtYIIJyr7PTDxEgjPCgotbxhoRbcsIP-F8v1_TzoQTXA==&ch=7s8q_cUS3LBsX3E3dYsvr60ujjj0wlX-8TLupnC7owUAqbziKlFw7A==> for FREE

This training prepares educators to host Leap into Science: Light and Shadow workshops for children 3-10 and their families. This training introduces educators to the two workshops for children, as well as strategies for facilitating science and literacy learning in family workshops. Educators will practice facilitation techniques, and explore resources to lead Leap into Science programs. Participants will earn 2 hours of Set 2 Learning Environments Curriculum (LEC) through Oregon Center for Career Development at PSU.



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