[kids-lib] It's time to nominate new Oregon Battle of the Book titles!

Korie Jones Buerkle korie.buerkle at newbergoregon.gov
Wed Sep 22 15:08:43 PDT 2021

>From Courtney Snyder<https://www.facebook.com/groups/138437506195503/user/714675300/?__cft__%5b0%5d=AZXwDegXyqkKdBbyZE_PL_wh4rB0fnpUK2-TrzdWCKltZvJdIxOuYPSdJpmpK2cAlYvcv1SNmaGxT1hkmNSGtGae_a9Kwqt4_YbK_4v5AG0BWn1PzfXjg0q-F_4LCKmpSZy5QYSXpR4QWYSuksDhhOeIsFCJ34jXkHItUHbXtdC_C10QT4ueWQFoXdid1_3mizE&__tn__=%2CP-R>, OBOB Title Selection Chair (obobtitlechair at gmail.com):

Title nominations are open. Now is the time to suggest all those books you think would be great for OBOB.


Nominated titles need to be available in paperback before April 2, 2022 to be accepted. If you don't know this information, that is fine, I will let you know if I cannot accept a nomination for this reason.

Titles nominated are suggestions for the Grades 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 Divisions.

Limit of three titles per division, per person.

Past title nominations are accepted but they cannot have been titles within the past four years.
There is a list of past OBOB titles on the website as well for reference:

Nominations close October 31, 2021.

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