[Libs-Or] Register for ACRL e-learning course, "Virtual Reference Competencies Part 1"

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Register for now for the Association of College and Research Libraries 
(ACRL) e-learning course, "Virtual Reference Competencies Part 1," to be 
offered September 29 -- October 17, 2008.


*The technical competencies essential or desirable for virtual reference 
librarians to acquire or to improve on are the foundation of virtual 
reference service provision. Virtual reference service is built on a 
technical infrastructure. The Internet, the World Wide Web, e-mail, Web 
chat, Instant Messaging, and all the associated supportive technology 
and software are the environment in which virtual reference librarians 
work. In "Virtual Reference Competencies: Acquire and Improve Technical 
Skills and Knowledge," participants will engage in learning activities, 
supported by readings as well as lecture and discussion to acquire and 
improve the technical competencies required by effective virtual 
reference librarians.



By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

·         assess and improve your ability to type on a computer keyboard 
and make use of other related input devices (mouse, trackball, touchpad, 

·         assess and improve your work with multiple software 
applications on a computer with multiple windows, to move appropriately 
between windows/applications, and to move quickly and mindfully between 
multiple activities chatting, searching print or electronic sources, 
etc. (minimal multi-tasking)

·         evaluate and add to your detailed functional knowledge of how 
to access the Internet, use Internet e-mail, connect to Web sites

·         increase your detailed functional knowledge of at least one 
Web browser

·         cultivate your awareness of the basic technologies that any 
given virtual reference service user may or may not be using, have 
access to, or be limited by

·         develop awareness of the chat software specifics for a given 
system you are going to be using then develop detailed functional 
knowledge of the specific chat software used by your library or other 
organization for chat reference

·         cultivate awareness of how to connect to and chat through 
Web-based chat software, Internet messaging, etc.

·         add to your awareness of the options for document or 
information delivery


*Diane Kovacs, Kovacs Consulting

The instructor has been teaching virtual reference related concepts and 
skills online and in-person for more than 14 years. She is the author of 
The Virtual Reference Handbook: Interview and Information Delivery 
Techniques for the Chat and E-Mail Environments Neal-Schuman Publishers 
(2007) published concurrently in the United Kingdom by Facet Publishers 
(2007)  and The Kovacs Guide to Electronic Library Collection 
Development:  Essential Core Subject Collections, Selection Criteria, 
and Guidelines  (Neal-Schuman, January 2004).  Additional Biographical 
Information is available at http://www.kovacs.com/aboutus.html.

More information on Diane Kovacs <http://www.kovacs.com/dianevita.html>

*Registration for this seminar is now open. For additional information 
and a link to the online registration form, visit:


ACRL and ALA members will receive a registration discount. The seminar 
is limited to 60 participants, so register early. Payment may be made by 
credit card or purchase order (PO) only.

ACRL member: $135
ALA member: $175
CACUL member: Can $195 (charges will be made in U.S. dollars)
Nonmember: $195
Student: $60


ACRL is a division of the American Library Association (ALA), 
representing more than 13,000 academic and research librarians and 
interested individuals. ACRL is the only individual membership 
organization in North America that develops programs, products and 
services to meet the unique needs of academic and research librarians.  
Its initiatives enable the higher education community to understand the 
role that academic libraries play in the teaching, learning and research 

FYI, Robin

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"The fragmentation of rational knowledge in the postmodern world has 
produced a focus on information that is unaware of its history." -- 
Marcus Breen (1997)

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