[Libs-Or] repeat of press release - LSTA Advisory Council to meet Sept. 12, 2008

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In case anyone missed the press release sent to the media -
The Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) Advisory Council will meet on September 12, 2008 at the State Library in Salem at 9:00 a.m.  The Council will consider applications submitted for LSTA FFY 2009 grants, and develop recommendations to the State Library Board of Trustees on the funding of projects.   
The LSTA Advisory Council has the primary responsibility for advising the State Library Board on the use of Federal funds appropriated under the Library Services and Technology Act.  The Council is comprised of 13 members representing different types of libraries, and citizens representing various library user groups.  Ms. Diana Pearson is the Council Chair. 
The meeting will be held in the first floor conference room at the Library, 250 Winter St. NE, in Salem. The State Librarian and the Advisory Council encourage any interested librarians or citizens to attend the meeting. Individuals will have the opportunity to address the Council during the Open Forum at 1:30 p.m. Speakers are requested to furnish 15 typewritten copies of their text to the Council Chair.
For more information, contact Jim Scheppke, Oregon State Librarian, (503) 378-4367, or Ann Reed, Federal Programs Coordinator, (503) 378-5027. Sign language interpretation will be provided if requested 48 hours before the meeting. Notice prior to 72 hours before the meeting is preferred. Alternate format handouts of meeting materials may also be requested prior to 72 hours before the meeting. Requests may be made by calling (503) 378-2464.

LSTA Advisory Council 
September 12, 2008
Oregon State Library, 250 Winter St. NE, Salem
Diana Pearson, Chair
9:00 a.m.*         Welcome and introductions
9:10                  Proceedings of the last meeting  
9:20                  Staff reports:     
1.       FFY 2008 financial overview and draft budget plan for FFY 2009 - MaryKay
2.       Progress report on LSTA administrative overhead restructuring - MaryKay
9:45                  Election of officers for coming year - President, Vice-President 
                        Elect representative Statewide Database Licensing Advisory Committee (two year                       term)
10:00                Bylaws Vote - postponed from spring - re: changes to sections 4.a., 4.b., 5.h.iii
10:30                Discussion of ongoing statewide projects
                                    OSLIS, L-Net, OLA Scholarship, Sage Courier, FYI - L-net cost sharing                                     plan requested by the State Library Board - MaryKay
10:50                Break
11:10                Procedures review and Discussion of LSTA grant applications
11:45                Working lunch
1:30 p.m.           Open forum
(Any individual may address the LSTA Advisory Council at this time. Speakers are requested to furnish 15 typewritten copies of their text to the Council Chair.) 
2:00                  Break
2:55                  Consideration of grant guidelines for FFY 2010 / Discussion on determining funding ratios and priorities for FFY 2010 (e.g. statewide vs. individual project funding)  
3:15                  Presentation of ranked grant applications
                        Decision-making about grant applications and LSTA program for FFY 2009
3:35                  Consideration of Sage Library System request for additional courier funding
3:45                  Presentation to the State Library Board; plans for the year's meetings of the Council in Salem - May and Sept.2009
4:00                  Recognition of members whose terms expire
4:15                  Suggest potential new Council members
4:30                  Adjourn
*all times except public forum are approximate
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