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I have been involved supporting a wonderful initiative in Oregon called 
Oregon Everyday Heroes.   Oregon Everyday Heroes is a campaign to keep 
elders safe and end elder abuse.  The Oregon Everyday Heroes Campaign 
came out of a need identified by the Governor's Commission on Senior 
Services to keep elders safe in Oregon communities.  It's a state-wide 
public education campaign to increase awareness of elder abuse, educate 
on the ways community members can keep elders safe and to encourage 
reporting through an annual public recognition of individuals as the 
heroes they are.  This recognition ceremony is held every year to honor 
Everyday Heroes in Oregon communities whose acts of courage and kindness 
help keep elders safe in our communities.  Last October there were 18 
heroes recognized in a ceremony with Attorney General Hardy Myers as the 
keynote speaker.  The campaign is endorsed by Governor Kulongoski and 
Attorney General Myers.

The Oregon Everyday Heroes Campaign is a coalition of partners of over 
40 agencies, businesses and individuals who are concerned with elder 
abuse.  A list of the partners is on the 
website, www.oregoneverydayheroes.com 

As you know, elder abuse is an under-reported crime that is more 
prevalent than we would like to think.  In 2005 there were more than 
11,000 cases reported to Adult Protective Services (APS) right here in 
Oregon.  Data is not easy to gather because different states use 
different criteria, different definitions of what elder abuse is and 
many don't keep records.  According to the National Center on Elder 
Abuse only one out of five or six cases are reported.  

The Oregon Everyday Heroes Campaign is committed to ending Elder Abuse.

*We would like to ask Oregon Libraries for support in helping get 
posters out in Oregon Cities and to help identify and nominate possible 
heroes for this year's recognition ceremony on November 19, 2008.*

I would love to talk with you about how we might get libraries involved 
in this important initiative as they are one of the most important 
cornerstones for families in Oregon communities. 

Thank you for your help and consideration of this request!
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