[Libs-Or] L-net Quality Award presented

Stephanie Debner stephanie.debner at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 14:22:21 PST 2011

L-net, Oregon's Statewide Digital Reference Project (
http://www.oregonlibraries.net) recognizes Liisa Sjoblom at Deschutes Public
Library for her high quality digital reference work while staffing the
service during October 2010. Liisa’s transcript is online at

In this transcript Liisa works with a student who is writing a research
paper on the effects of poverty on children and their education. She opens
with a friendly welcome and then immediately clarifies the request by asking
an open-ended question. Liisa refers the patron to a website for some
beginning information, and then goes into the library databases to which the
student has access to find more information.  She compares the database set,
which is new to the patron, to OSLIS, which is not, to set the patron at
ease with using new tools.  She provides clear instructions about accessing
the databases and recommending a place to start in them.  Liisa instructs
the patron about keyword searching when the student asks for ideas when
his/her initial search fails.  She asks follow-up questions to make sure
that the student is following her and uses humor and personal details to
build rapport.  She makes sure that the student has everything s/he needs,
offers some additional ideas for resources, and concludes with an invitation
to visit the service again for more help.

The Quality Team is impressed with Liisa’s teaching skills, her rapport
building with the patron, and how easily the conversation seems to flow.

As an expression of appreciation, please join us in congratulating her!

The L-net Quality Team

Stephanie Debner, Portland Community College Library

Barbara O’Neill, Washington County Cooperative Library Services

Emily Papagni, Multnomah County Library
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