[Libs-Or] Managing Vendor Relationships - OLA 2011 Pre-conference

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*Managing Vendor Relationships*

*OLA Preconference on April 6, 2011 (9:00am-4:00pm) -- Registration

Moderated by Rachel Bridgewater (*Reed College*) & Rice Majors (*University
of Colorado*)

*Do you manage relationships with library vendors? Interested in software &
libraries? Then this is the preconference for you!*

Multiple dimensions of managing relationships with ILS and discovery
platform vendors will be addressed, including:

·       Building an understanding of how a software company works and why
library vendors might behave as they do (and thus approach your interactions
with these companies in a more sophisticated way in future)

·       Thoughts on how to “fix” a “bad” relationship with a vendor

·        Pros and cons of participating as a development partner or early
adopter of software (learn from the experiences of several libraries that
have been early adopters of software, and thus make more informed decisions
about what kinds of projects are appropriate for your library)

·        Evolving vendor marketplace as libraries variously face vendor
mergers, open-source tools and projects, and actual or perceived monopolies.

·        And even how to become empowered to shape the future of libraries’
relationships to vendors who provide software, and thus provide leadership
for libraries in the years to come



*Panels & Speakers:*

*“Information-seeking behavior of library vendors”*

Rice Majors, *University of Colorado*

Robert Allen, *bepress*

Marjorie McLaughlin, *Innovative Interfaces*

* *

*“Future of library vendors: new sorts of partnerships”*

Carl Grant, *Ex Libris*

Andrew Pace, *OCLC*

Neal Block, *Innovative Interfaces*

*“Partnerships with vendors: case studies & lessons learned”*

*“When is a vendor not a vendor?”*

Steve Casburn, *Multnomah County Library*

Margaret Mellinger, *Oregon State University*

Steve Shadle, *University of Washington*

Margaret Bean, *University of Oregon*
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