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The following have been withdrawn from our collection.

Please let me know what Library you're with, the dropsite you use and what titles you're interested in receiving. Sorry, i can only send to those who use Orbis courier.

Withdrawn Reference titles:

Encyclopedia of associations, ed 39, 3 vols, 2003

Information China: the comprehensive and authoritative reference source of new China, Pergamon Press, 3 vols, 1989

Illustrated bible dictionary, Inter-varsity press, 3 vols, 1980

Day by day: the forties, Leonard, Thomas M., Facts on file, 1977

Dictionary of the history of ideas: study of selected pivotal ideas, Charles scribner's sons, 5 vols, 1973

Illustrated dictionary of archaeology, Triune books, 1977

Chronology of medieval world 800-1491, Storey, RL, 1973

McGraw-hill encyclopedia of Russia and the Soviet Union, 1961

Facts on File: world news digest: yearbook, 2002

Facts on File: world news digest: yearbook, 2003

Facts on File: world news digest: yearbook, 2004

Facts on File: world news digest: yearbook, 2005

Facts on File: world news digest: yearbook, 2006

Modern Germany, an encyclopedia of history, people, and culture 1871-1990, Garland publishing, 2 vols, 1998

New century Italian renaissance encyclopedia, Meredith corp., 1972

Renaissance: an illustrated encyclopedia, Octopus books limited, 1979

World book encyclopedia, 22 vols, 2001

Oxford companion to the mind, 1987

Illustrated encyclopedia of the classical world, Yonah and Shatzman, 1975

Concise encyclopedia of archaeology, 2nd ed, Hawthorn books, 1971

Steinberg's dictionary of British history, 2nd ed, 1970

Praeger encyclopedia of ancient Greek civilization, 1967

Who's who in the ancient world: handbook to the survivors of the Greek and Roman classics, Radice, Betty, 1971

New century classical handbook, Appleton-century-crofts inc, 1962

Biblical world: dictionary of biblical archaeology, baker book house, 1966

Dictionary of the American Indian, Stoutenburgh, John L, Jr, 1960

Africa 2002, Corporate council on Africa and business books int'l, 2001

1999-2001 Oregon Directory of American Indian resources, State of Oregon

Current biography yearbook, 2001

Current biography yearbook, 2002

Current biography yearbook, 2003

Current biography yearbook, 2004

Current biography yearbook, 2005

Current biography yearbook, 2006

Previous offers still available:

Fifth discipline: the art & practice of the learning organization, Senge, 1994, pb.

Freedom: a novel, Franzen, 2010, hc.

Tale of two cities and Great expectations, Dickens, 2010, pb.

World almanac, 2004, hc.

World almanac, 2006, hc.

Statistical yrbk, 2007, hc

Textfield V (journal) fall/winter 2006/07.

thank you,

Mariah Manners 

Tech. Serv. Spec.

Clatsop Community College

Dora Badollet Library

1680 Lexington Ave, 

Astoria OR 97103


mmanners at clatsopcc.edu


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