[Libs-Or] The publishing racket and how it rips off librarianauthors

Shannon Van Kirk SVanKirk at bluecc.edu
Thu Feb 24 08:56:16 PST 2011

This is the micro version of the macro problem:  universities pay professors to do research and teaching, both of which result in publication in peer-reviewed journals and make up the entire content of these journals, especially the STMs. 

In turn, the publishers sell subscriptions to these journals to the university libraries often for $20,000.00 (or more) for each title per year.  (Have you been "Elseviered" lately?)

The professors need to publish in these journals in order to achieve tenure; the libraries need to subscribe to the journals so the professors can keep up with the newly published research, and the publishers rake it in.

Tenure committees need to start recognizing that the world has changed and that these journal publishers are bleeding libraries of their ever-diminishing budgets.

Yes, I have had to pay for reprints of my own articles, so I am standing with you!

End of rant (and it's not even Friday yet).

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Hi, all. I received the item below today via email. I have deleted the identifying info (I hope completely!) which would reveal which publisher this is (as one does not to get a bad name among these omnipotent tyrants of our professional lives). But does any me besides me see a little injustice in the author receiving an offer of a discount on a reprint of her own work? Grrrrr.

We need Open Access now...

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From: reprints at XXXXX

ATTN: Author

As a recently published author, XXXX would like to extend you a special discount on any order placed for reprints of your article using our online ordering service, XXX (CCC).

If you or any co-authors would like to place an order for the above article, a discount of 20% will be applied to your order.   To be eligible for the discount, orders must be paid by credit card.   This offer is valid until March 8, 2011, so please do not delay if you would like to place an order and receive your discount.

To order, click the link below and simply select the quantity you desire.

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