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Letter to Libraries Online

An Electronic Newsletter from the Oregon State Library

Volume 22, Issue 3, March 2012

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Library Board News

State Library Board Appoints MaryKay Dahlgreen as State Librarian

[MaryKay Dahlgreen]On February 24, 2012, the Oregon State Library Board of Trustees announced the appointment of MaryKay Dahlgreen as State Librarian. Dahlgreen has served as the Interim State Librarian since the former State Librarian, Jim Scheppke, retired in late 2011. Ms. Dahlgreen's background includes working at the Oregon State Library for over sixteen years as Library Development Program Manager and Youth Services Consultant, and prior to that working in the King County Library System in Seattle, Washington. She holds a master's degree in librarianship from the University of Washington and a bachelor of arts in liberal studies from Western Washington University. "MaryKay's extensive knowledge and combined expertise with library services, including her experience in early childhood literacy, will prove invaluable in leading the State Library into the future," said Sam Hall, Chair, Oregon State Library Board of Trustees. The Board expressed their gratitude to the screening panel, State Library staff, and library stakeholders for their contributions to the recruitment process. They also expressed gratitude to Twyla Lawson, Senior Executive Recruiter, for leading recruitment process and the staff at the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) for their assistance. MaryKay Dahlgreen's new role is effective March 1, 2012.

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State Library News

Oregon State Library 2012 Spring Lecture Series

[Matt Love]The Oregon State Library is happy to announce the second lecture for our Spring Lecture series.  Our next lecture is on Wednesday, March 28, in Room 103 from 12:00-1:00 and features author, publisher, historian, and teacher Matt Love.  This is Matt's second lecture here with the first covering the 1970 Oregon Vortex rock concert. He will be discussing his new book, Love & The Green Lady: Meditations of the Yaquina Bay Bridge, Oregon's Crown Jewel of Socialism. This book blends an eclectic genre of literary genres and contains over 100 photographs, many taken by Love's photography students at Newport High School. In his presentation, Love will discuss last fall's 75th anniversary of the Yaquina Bay Bridge and bridge designer Conde McCullough's contribution to Oregon.   In addition, he'll present a slide show illustrating his rewarding experience of teaching photography given a challenging education budget environment. Please come visit us on March 28. Click here<http://library.state.or.us/services/training/lectures.php> for more information about the lecture series.

Use OSLIS Lite while OSLIS is Rebuilt

OSLIS is a K12 information literacy website<http://cm.oslis.org> developed and maintained by the Oregon Association of School Libraries<http://oasl.memberclicks.net/> in partnership with the Oregon State Library. It has three major components: information literacy resources, to guide students through the research process; Citation Maker, a tool for creating a bibliography or a works cited page in APA or MLA format; and access to the statewide subscription databases - the Gale suite and LearningExpress Library. Recently there were access issues with OSLIS that could not be resolved by two different vendors, and the end result is that the OSLIS website is being rebuilt. In the meantime, OSLIS users can access Citation Maker and the databases via a simple and temporary website called OSLIS Lite. Currently, any OSLIS URL will lead to OSLIS Lite, so all OSLIS bookmarks should work. When the rebuilt OSLIS is ready in late spring or early summer, it will replace OSLIS Lite. Until then, pieces such as the information literacy lessons, worksheets for Citation Maker, resources for educators, and the OSLIST<http://listsmart.osl.state.or.us/mailman/listinfo/oslist> archive are not available. If you have questions, please call (503-378-5011) or email<mailto:jennifer.maurer at state.or.us> Jennifer Maurer in Library Development at the Oregon State Library.

Talking Book and Braille Services Participates in Georgia's Loblolly Accessibility Software Project

[Loblolly Logo]In February, the Georgia Public Library Service (GPLS) began the planning process for developing open-source software designed for Talking Book libraries across the country. GPLS is known for having developed the open-source system, Evergreen, used by libraries world-wide (locally, Evergreen is used by the Sage Library System in Eastern Oregon). Using a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, GPLS gathered approximately 50 national leaders with expertise in library accessibility, Talking Book library service, and library software developers. The group was asked to lay the groundwork for developing the open-source specialized software necessary for managing Talking Book libraries. Representing Oregon was Elke Bruton, Public Services Librarian and library automation administrator for Talking Book and Braille Services. The three day conference was dialogue intensive but the group feels that they have a solid foundation from which to continue this exciting project. (A "loblolly" is a pine tree (Pinus taeda) of the southern US that has very long slender needles and is an important source of timber.)

Get Help with Your Library Services and Technology Act Grant Proposal

The application packet for FY2013 grant proposals is available on the web through the LSTA Competitive Grant Program<http://www.oregon.gov/OSL/LD/LSTAcomp.shtml> page. Short proposals are due April 13, 2012. If you are working on an idea for a grant, feel free to contact Ann Reed at (503) 378-5027 or email ann.reed at state.or.us<mailto:ann.reed at state.or.us>. We can answer any questions you may have and be a good sounding board for your idea.

Save the Date for the 2012 Focus on Children and Young Adults Institute

The 2012 Focus on Children and Young Adults Institute will take place on September 16-19 at Menucha Retreat Center in Corbett. Participants will check in between 4:30 and 5:30pm on Sunday and trainings will end by 1pm on Wednesday. The cost of $75 per person covers the training, meals, and lodging. Session details will be available in June and registration will take place in July.  The Focus Institute seeks to provide a foundation of professional knowledge about youth services necessary for the operation of small public libraries. It is designed for library staff who serve children and teens, and have no graduate level education in librarianship. Participants will attend several training sessions over the course of three and a half days. The sessions concentrate on the principles of public library services to children and teens, and how to put those principles into practice. Training sessions are presented by highly skilled, experienced Youth Services Librarians in Oregon. Presenters are typically active members of the Oregon Library Association's Children's Services Division (CSD) and Oregon Young Adult Network (OYAN). The Focus Institute is able to keep costs low for participants because it is primarily supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Library Services and Technology Act, administered by the Oregon State Library.

Libraries of Oregon Website Launched

[Libraries of Oregon]<http://librariesoforegon.org/>Libraries of Oregon<http://librariesoforegon.org> is a website that connects Oregon residents to statewide library resources and local public libraries. Website visitors can access databases that house articles, video clips, podcasts, and images from encyclopedias, newspapers, and magazines or use the 24/7 ask-a-librarian service to satisfy their information needs. These subscription databases, which are not freely available on the internet, and the ask-a-librarian service are paid for with federal Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) funds administered by the Oregon State Library. Oregon public libraries offer these same resources locally, and you can use this website's library locator to find your nearest public library. Libraries of Oregon is a joint effort by the Oregon State Library and the Oregon State University Libraries to connect Oregonians with library online resources around the state and beyond.

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Oregon State Library

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