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Nicholas RAETHKE nicholasr at multco.us
Wed Aug 14 14:02:55 PDT 2013

I received this message from a researcher at PSU. He thinks this
project holds interest for libraries and that libraries serve the
diverse groups they would like to see participate.

Nicholas Raethke
Library Assistant
Multnomah County Library

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From: Alexander Novie <anovie at pdx.edu>
Date: Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 12:51 PM
Subject: Futurescape City Tours: Portland
To: nicholasr at multco.us

Dear Nicholas,
I'd like to draw your attention to a research project I am working on
this this fall, Futurescape Ctiy Tours: Portland. Futurescape City
Tours (or, FCT) will be happening in 5 US cities this fall,
coordinated by the Center for Nanotechnology in Society at Arizona
State University. In short, the idea is to engage groups of citizens
in thinking about how science and technology might and should impact
the future of their city (for more info:http://cns.asu.edu/fct/). It
will involve three sessions, including a walking tour of Portland
where the participants will take photos along the way and engage with
experts at various sites.

Obviously, your work reaches a network that is critical to the current
and future path for Portland. And, the idea for the tours is to reach
as a diverse segment of the city as possible. I'd like to ask your to
help circulating information about the tour and how people can apply.
Perhaps you can post the flyer (attached) or a link to our webpage
(http://www.pdx.edu/sustainability/futurescapes) on website (if
appropriate), Facebook, Twitter, other avenues you might have at your
fingertips (including a good old fashioned bulletin board). I would
really appreciate it as I think you are more capable than anyone of
reaching the cultural diversity we need to get here.

If you'd like, you can circulate with the text below (as well as the
flyer, if possible).




Join the Futurescapes City Tour: Portland

What does the future hold for Portland? Which new technologies matter
most for you and your community? How would YOU direct science and

As science and technology progress, your voice is important in shaping
new developments. Join Portland State University researchers in
discovering nanotechnology and thinking about what it might mean for

To find out more on the tour and how to participate visit:

Alex Novie
Graduate Research Assistant
Nohad A. Toulan School of Urban Studies & Planning

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