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Arlene Weible arlene.weible at state.or.us
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The Statewide Database Licensing Program (SDLP) provides access to LearningExpress Library to Oregon nonprofit libraries.

LearningExpress Library offers:

  *   Individual Learning Centers with easy one-stop access to related tests, courses, eBooks, and center-specific content
  *   Practice tests that mimic the timing, scoring, and format of official exams
  *   Instant feedback and diagnostic score reports to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses
  *   Detailed answer explanations, which allow for a better understanding of the subject matter
  *   Instant essay scoring that enables writing skills improvement and provides authentic essay practice for the ACT, SAT, and GED exams
  *   Individual user accounts that allow patrons to save works-in-progress and access completed tasks and score history
  *   Personalized notifications that alert users of related tests, courses, and eBooks, based on their usage patterns
  *   Easy-to-use Web interface and advanced search functionality, which provides intuitive user experience

Need a LearningExpress Library refresher? These webinars are available on an ongoing basis from the LearningExpress web site:

LearningExpress Library Webinars On Demand

LearningExpress Library Product Training Webinar: View<https://student.gototraining.com/2mj37/recording/5173254223121413632>

LearningExpress Library Mini-Tutorial: Registration & Login: View<https://student.gototraining.com/2mj37/recording/2316549300922140672>

LearningExpress Library Mini-Tutorial: Accessing Tests, Courses, & eBooks: View<https://student.gototraining.com/2mj37/recording/2985256870190394368>

LearningExpress Library Mini-Tutorial: Accessing Librarian Resources: View<https://student.gototraining.com/2mj37/recording/8001449917924139264>
For more information about LearningExpress Library, check out the SDLP web site<http://www.oregon.gov/osl/LD/Pages/technology/sdlp/learningexpress/index.aspx>.

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