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Meredith Farkas mfarkas at pdx.edu
Tue Aug 27 09:49:06 PDT 2013

The OLA Mentoring Program is a pilot project designed to help early career
librarians grow professionally by being paired with seasoned librarians
willing to share their professional experience and guidance. Mentors and
mentees will be partnered based on similar interests, professional
experience, and/or goals. The mentoring relationship will develop over the
course of a year and contact can take place in-person or over phone, email,
or web conferencing.

If you are an early career librarian with less than five years of
professional experience, please consider applying to be paired up with a
Our current roster of available mentors come from academic libraries,
public libraries, medical libraries and the state library. We hope to
recruit more K-12 and public youth services librarians in the near future,
but feel free to apply and you’ll be near the top of the list for mentors
with those specialties as those mentors become available.

Our available mentors have expertise in the following areas: job
transition, leadership, management, reference and instruction, writing,
public speaking, adult services, community assessment and involvement, OLA
involvement, marketing and outreach, government information, technical
services, library technologies, planning, service to remote and rural
libraries, supervision of staff at remote locations, medical librarianship,
data science, assessment, professional development, usability testing, and
user experience. If you are interested in being mentored in any of these
areas, please consider applying. You can also view a map of where the
current roster of mentors are located, http://www.olaweb.org/mentor-program.

To become a mentee, you must meet ALL of the following requirements:

1. Be an OLA Member.

2. Hold an MLIS or equivalent (MSIS, MLS,  school library teaching license,
etc.) AND/OR have been in a professional library position(s) for fewer than
five years

3. Currently be working in a library in some capacity (volunteer,
paraprofessional, professional).

We will pair mentors and mentees based on the order in which mentee
applications are received and the availability of mentors to match a
mentee's specific goals. Matches between mentors and mentees will be made
on a rolling basis, so if you are not paired with a mentor in the first
round, we will pair you when a mentor who is a good match becomes available.

Additional links:


   Mentee application<https://ola.memberclicks.net/index.php?option=com_mc&view=mc&mcid=form_140871>

   Information about the mentoring program and its

   Guidelines and best practices for being a

Have questions? Contact us at mentor at olaweb.org

Meredith Farkas, Portland State University Library

Shirley Sullivan, Beaverton City Library

Emily Papagni, Multnomah County Library
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