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Sorry to post this again but something seems to have gone wrong with 
my attachment on the last posting so I have cut and pasted the file 
in this one. Also I took it for granted that all would know that 
NEHGS is New England Historical Genealogical Society and that NGS was 
National Genealogical Society. So lets se if I got it right this time.

The owner and board of this large collection would very much like to 
see this kept in Oregon if at all possible. We have a limited amount 
of time to locate a new home for this collection. We have not been 
able to find a suitable building nor outside funds to get this into a 
building for folks to use.

We have book lists if you are interested.

Please contact me off list. mailto:jmhealy1 at comcast.net

Thank you,

All or part need to go to a good home for cost of shipping.

The collection consists of several major collections. NEHGS (this was 
their circulating collection), NGS (this collection was what was at 
Glebe house) & Conner-Bishop with Microfilm, Microfiche, & data CD's. 
These are all Genealogies and Historical resource materials.

The NEGHS collection consists of Genealogy and historical books. 
Consisting of 49 pallets of books and 20 pallets of library shelving 
enough for this whole collection.

The NGS collection consists of genealogy and historical books with a 
lot of material on royalty covering Great Britain & Europe. 
Consisting of five pallets of books and three pallets of library 

The owner's part of the collection is more varied but is geared to 
genealogy and history also. There are genealogies, genealogy how to 
books, native American, biographies, bibliographies, books on 
companies, city directories and phone books from all over, computer 
history, show business, automotive history, business histories, 
exploration, Indian Wars, Civil War, Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, 
and railroad histories to name a few. There are histories and 
genealogy books covering every state, Canada, and many other 
countries. The film contains more of the same, along with census 
records, and city directories. The data CD's are mostly genealogies, 
census, and histories, including a section of British materials. 
These are on 65 pallets of books and other materials, five pallets of 
microfilm, with one more pallet with two cabinets one of microfiche 
and the other of microfilm. There are two pallets of gorilla racks 
that we were using for sorting the materials on as it came in also 
many genealogy society journals.

There are 17 pallets of bound Oregonian and Oregon Journal newspapers.

In addition there are several microfilm/fiche readers, one printer 
for microfilm/microfiche. Also there is mixed furniture donated to 
help us get started. Also there are two Laser printers to use as 
parts for the big microfilm reader printer. There is also a film 

We can divide the collection to a small degree but there is not a way 
to pick and choose individual books, film or CD's. Everything is 
boxed and on pallets in a closed warehouse. The shelving is to go 
with the major collection that it came with. The board felt this was 
the only fair way to divide it up.
Janice M. Healy
(Mrs. Edmund A. Healy)
Corporate Secretary
Accessions Chairman
Collection conservator
mailto:jmhealy1 at comcast.net

Federal Nonprofit #61-1506583

State Nonprofit Corporation
Registry Number: #306888-99


Shipping address:

Conner-Bishop Historical Resource Center
% Janice M. Healy
4210 SW 198th Ave.
Aloha, Oregon  USA 97007-2343
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