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Mon Feb 1 10:23:41 PST 2016

Starting last summer, ACRL-OR has begun reaching out to library directors,
deans, and chairs across the state for a series of personal interviews.
This is a way for the membership to get to know our library leaders around
the state.

The ACRL-OR blog, http://acrloregon.org/, has THREE new library director
interviews set to go live the first three Mondays of this month, starting
today! The first of these three interviews is with Drew Harrington, Dean of
the Library at the University of Portland. Please check out her interview
here at

Be sure to check back the next two Mondays, Feb. 8 and Feb. 15, for the
next two interviews!

For past interviews, please see our "interviews" category of posts at

Jennifer Snoek-Brown, Communications Coordinator, ACRL-Oregon
Email:  acrlorcommunication at olaweb.org
Website:  http://acrloregon.org/
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