[Libs-Or] Does your college offer a 3-credit Advanced Library Research Course?

Tony tony_greiner at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 1 16:40:17 PST 2016

This one is for the academic librarians.  I am proposing a 3-credit, 200 level course in advanced library research at Portland Community College. There is a fair amount of paperwork in getting a new course approved with the school and the state, but it is much easier if there is already an approved course being offered by another instution.  If there is one, we can hook our proposal onto the existing one.

To my surprise, there is no statewide master list of approved courses. It was suggested I go through all the college catalogs, but before I do that, maybe you know if your school has an approved advanced research course

If so, please tell me the school, department and course number, plus anything else you think might be germane.

Tony Greiner, Portland Community College Library

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