[Libs-Or] Information about free tax filing services and volunteer tax preparation sites in Oregon

Arlene Weible arlene.weible at state.or.us
Tue Feb 2 16:14:07 PST 2016

Forwarded on behalf of CASH Oregon, please use the contact information provided in the message below for any follow up questions! -Arlene

[CASH Oregon]

We know that libraries receive many inquiries during tax season.  We are writing to make you aware of a great resource for your library patrons available at www.CASHOregon.org<http://www.CASHOregon.org>.  CASH Oregon is a nonprofit committed to providing FREE tax preparation services to low income people. We do this by supporting free volunteer tax sites and by providing access to free tax preparation software via our website.


Unfortunately, many tax sites advertised as "free" are not trustworthy.  They may have hidden charges.  The sites listed on our website are completely free for both state and federal electronic filing as long as patrons meet the income qualifications.  All the companies listed on our site belong to the Free File Alliance<https://www.irs.gov/uac/About-the-Free-File-Alliance> and are backed by Oregon's Department of Revenue and the IRS.

CASH Oregon has collaborated with Intuit - the TurboTax people - since 2012.  Intuit is a Free File Alliance member and offers an easy to use online application based on years as a market leader in tax preparation software.  Our collective goal is to improve access to this great, free tool.

Online Tax filing personalizes a return by asking questions to understand each unique tax situation. This helps insure that low-income taxpayers receive the Tax Credits they deserve.

The most powerful anti-poverty program in the nation, EITC, along with the refundable portion of the Child Tax Credit lifted an estimated 10.1 million people out of poverty, including 5.3 million children. Unfortunately, only four of five people eligible for the credits claim them. Online tax preparation tools help determine if a taxpayer is eligible.

Also on our website, you will find all the volunteer tax preparation sites<http://cashoregon.org/locations/> in all parts of the state, providing a complete resource for your community at www.CASHOregon.org<http://www.CASHOregon.org>. The link is on the front page under Free Tax Sites<http://cashoregon.org/locations/>.

Attached to this email is a flyer on Free Online Tax Preparation that can also be used as well as a short article for your newsletter or website. If you would like a simple tutorial about these services, please contact us.

If you have any questions about this service, please contact Camille McDaniel at CASH Oregon, Camille at CASHOregon.org<mailto:Camille at CASHOregon.org> or 503-243-7765, Ext. 2.

Thank you for helping your community by making them aware of this important service.

Arlene Weible
Electronic Services Consultant
Oregon Federal Regional Depository Coordinator
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Oregon State Library
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