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Sue Ludington Sue_Ludington at co.washington.or.us
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Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. Ross Fuqua's quick work seems to be the most current (2013), authoritative, and specific regarding Oregon public libraries with 225 showing; OSL directed me to a similar 2011 map (using the IMLS Data Catalog) but that one contains public, academic, and special libraries with 325 showing.

2013 map:

2011 map:

The suggestion to use Google Maps, searching "Oregon public libraries," was also a good one (ah, Google, how I love/hate you) but not sure how I feel about relying solely on them for accuracy...

Finally, thanks to Liz Paulus for sharing my enthusiasm for such a tool; although the IMLS application appears to do the job, I'm pretty sure I'd stumble trying to make it work on my own...it'd be pretty cool if one could simply go to the OLA or OSL or Oregon Libraries website for a direct link to a current map! Perhaps someone's wheels are turning?

Thank you again!

Sue Ludington
Assistant Law Librarian
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Good morning,
I'm looking for an actual map of Oregon public libraries, rather than a directory, but not finding anything.

Any leads?

BTW, we created one of Oregon County Law Libraries - check it out, if you want:

[Or, from the Oregon Council of County Law Libraries "Directory of county law libraries" webpage, select "Map":


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