[Libs-Or] privacy trainings at OLA conference

Roberta Richards rrichard at pcc.edu
Thu Feb 25 08:44:54 PST 2016

*Upcoming privacy trainings*

The OLA Intellectual Freedom Committee is proud to sponsor two trainings by
Alison Macrina of the *Library Freedom Project
<https://libraryfreedomproject.org/>* at the upcoming OLA Conference.
Alison has become one of the foremost advocates for digital privacy in the
library community.  You may have heard about Alison as one of Library
Journal’s 2015 *Shakers and Movers
in the The Nation’s article *Librarians Versus the NSA
<http://www.thenation.com/article/librarians-versus-nsa>*, or in her
advocacy for Kilton Public Library in its* battle with the department of
 *Homeland Security
its use of the Tor network.

Alison will lead the pre-conference session *Digital Privacy Toolkit *on
April 20, 1 - 5 p.m.  This training will provide technology tools to help
subvert digital spying from government agencies, corporate data miners, and
criminal hackers.  These tools address issues including search tracking,
encryption, password protection, secure deletion of temporary files, secure
browsing, and online anonymity, and are appropriate for people at all
levels of technical ability. They can be installed on library computers or
taught to patrons in computer classes. Both public service and technology
staff will benefit from this training.

Alison will also lead a conference session *Bringing Digital Privacy
Education Into Your Library*, Friday, April 22 at 2:00 p.m.

Early bird conference registration is available through March 21st  at

Looking forward to seeing you in Bend!

Roberta Richards
Faculty Reference Librarian
rrichard at pcc.edu
Southeast Library Research Desk: 971-722-6289
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