[Libs-Or] RFID and Pacemakers

Suzy Coleman SCOLEMAN at ci.tualatin.or.us
Thu Feb 11 14:07:14 PST 2016

Hi Ted,
We had a patron who insisted our old EM gates caused her pacemaker problems. 3M said there was no way this could be, but we still had to unplug the gates each time she visited the library. When we switched to RFID, I asked the vendor, 3M again if there would be any issues with the radio frequency and pacemakers and they again said there would be no problem. So I presented the new gates to the concerned patron as a great improvement and safer. She cautiously ventured through and had no problem. We don't have any signs posted as it is not an issue. They are not microwaves.

Hope this helps,

Suzy Coleman
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Have any of you - those libraries that use RFID - posted signs that RFID is in use?  I'm asking in regards to informing patrons with pacemakers.

Ted Smith, Director
Newport Public Library

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