[Libs-Or] Dealing with downloaders

Carol Dinges cdinges at ci.lebanon.or.us
Mon Jan 4 14:43:05 PST 2016

We had someone come in on Saturday (not a regular patron), take a seat at a table around the corner out of eyesight, and proceed to spend the entire day downloading audio book after audio book onto his laptop (we found the stack at the table after he left - and after another patron told someone at the circ desk what he was doing).  While we don't have a specific policy prohibiting downloading audio books (or music CD's or DVD's), it's obviously a blatant violation of copyright (ergo, illegal) - and our policies prohibit illegal activities.

We know that patrons check out music CD's and other media and take them home to download, but this is the first time someone has been observed downloading audio books here in the library (our video and music media are in locked cases, but audio books are not).  Somehow it seems even more offensive to have someone do it right under our noses - without even bothering to check out the materials.

Other than posting a sign or two pointing out that downloading AV media is illegal and threatening the wrath of karma, what else do the rest of you do about this?  The logistics (and expense) of transferring all of our audio books into locked cases isn't a realistic option - are there other deterrents?

Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.


Carol Dinges
Lebanon Public Library
55 Academy St.
Lebanon, OR 97355
(541) 258-4232

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