[Libs-Or] ACRL-OR has Two New, Permanent E-mail Addresses

ACRLOR Communication acrlorcommunication at olaweb.org
Tue Jan 5 08:55:31 PST 2016

ACRL-OR has two new, permanent email addresses to facilitate both general
contact with the organization and contact with specific board members.

   - Those seeking to make general contact with the organization or to
   contact the ACRL-OR President can email: *acrlor at olaweb.org
   <acrlor at olaweb.org>*

   - Those seeking to make contact with the ACRL-OR Communications
   Coordinator can email: *acrlorcommunication at olaweb.org
   <acrlorcommunication at olaweb.org>*

The Contact <http://acrloregon.org/contact/> and Board Members
<http://acrloregon.org/about-the-board/> pages on the ACRL-OR website
<http://acrloregon.org/> have also been updated.

The "olaweb.org" part of the new email addresses reflects that fact that
ACRL-OR is affiliated with the Oregon Library Association
<http://www.olaweb.org/>; ACRL-OR is OLA's Academic Division. The new,
permanent email addresses are part of OLA's strategy to streamline

Please email acrlor at olaweb.org with any questions.

Uta Hussong-Christian
ACRL-OR President, 2015-2016
Science Librarian | Associate Professor
Oregon State University Libraries

Jennifer Snoek-Brown, ACRL-Oregon Communications Coordinator
Email:  acrlorcommunication at olaweb.org
Website:  http://acrloregon.org/
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