[Libs-Or] Technology Assistance - How much is too much?

Aaron Novinger anovinge at g.emporia.edu
Wed Jan 6 15:47:39 PST 2016


When helping patrons with technology, where do you draw the line? Does your
library have a policy, or does each staff member set their own limits?

Showing them how to download and use e-book apps is one thing, but what
about things like...

installing free software, such as Adobe reader or an anti-virus?
walking them through system updates?
transferring pics from phone/tablet to cloud storage?

We're trying to teach them to fish, and there is a reason they aren't going
to Geek Squad; however, complaints and perhaps liability issues could
surface when working with patrons on their devices.

Do you set time limits, tell the patron you're "hands-off" prior to helping
them, and is the service they receive consistent from staff member to staff

Looking forward to any advice you have.

Thank you,



Aaron K. Novinger, SLIM '14

*Emporia State University*, *Oregon Campus*

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