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The latest issue of the Oregon Library Association Quarterly is now 
available! The theme for the Fall 2015 issue is Mentoring.  Articles cover the topics of mentoring in libraries, the OLA 
Mentoring Program, how mentors can help your library career, and more! 
Check to see if someone you know has published an article!
See: http://commons.pacificu.edu/olaq/vol21/iss3/ 

Also, the OLA Quarterly is still seeking submissions for the winter 
issue.  The theme for the winter issue is Library Marketing and Communications, 
and will be guest edited by Joan Petit, Communications and Outreach 
Librarian at Portland State University. Joan invites potential authors 
to email her their ideas at jpetit at pdx.edu. Final articles will be due to Joan on February 10. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Joan.
Instructions for authors: http://commons.pacificu.edu/olaq/author_instructions.html

More about the theme: Library Marketing and Communications

Oregon libraries provide an incredible array of resources and 
services, but sometimes we struggle to educate our users and each other 
about all that is available. Over the past several years, many libraries
 have become more intentional in our efforts to market and promote our 
offerings, through traditional PR and advertisements as well as newer 
approaches like social media. However, we may lack the expertise to do 
this well--or lack the budget to implement all of our ideas.

The winter issue of OLA Quarterly will focus on library marketing and
 communications. We want to examine how Oregon libraries--whether 
school, public, special, or academic--communicate with our users. What's
 the most effective way to reach them? What successes have we 
experienced? What challenges and failures? How do we incorporate 
marketing functions into our libraries? How do we gain the skills we 
need to do this well? And how do we keep up with the fast-changing 
landscape of social media?

  Possible paper topics include the following: 

  Marketing and communications successes  

  Marketing and communications challenges, failures, and lessons learned (sometimes we learn more when things don't work!) 

  Market research: how do we learn about our users? 

  Communications plans: what are best practices for developing a a 
formal plan or strategy? How do we make sure we take the time to plan? 
How do we balance planning and implementation?  

  PR and media relations: is the press release an effective tool? What's
 the best way to develop relationships with local media? 

  Social media: which social media are most effective and most 
challenging? How do we keep up with new social media? What strategies 
work best with various social media?  

  Organizational structure for marketing and communications: who is 
responsible for marketing the library? How do we include librarians and 
library staff who don't have formal marketing assignments? What tasks do
 we do in-house and when do we rely on outside expertise?  

  Internal communications: how do we make sure we are sharing important information internally?  

  Value of marketing and communications 

  Skills, knowledge, and training: how do we develop our own skills in writing, graphic design, and media relations?  

  Generational issues: communicating with various user groups (kids, senior citizens, college students, etc) 

  Marketing and communications for development and fundraising.

The OLAQ has global reach because it is indexed by Library Literature 
& Information Science and Library, Information Science & 
Technology Abstracts. Full text of the OLAQ is also available through HW
 Wilson's Library Literature and Information Science Full Text and EBSCO
 Publishing's Library, Information Science and Technology Abstracts 
(LISTA) with Full Text.

Best wishes,
Charles Wood
OLAQ Coordinator
wuchakewu at gmail.com

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