[Libs-Or] Seeking local libraries that migrated to Koha

Serenity Ibsen sibsen at pnca.edu
Wed Jan 27 09:48:04 PST 2016

Hello! I'm looking for anyone who migrated a collection to Koha by yourself
or in collaboration with a small IT team. (Specifically without the aid of
LibLime or Bywater Solutions, though I am interested in your experience
with those providers, if so.) We would like to pick your brain, if you're

Extra points if you went from Alexandria to Koha. Extra EXTRA points if you
live in or around Portland, but of course, we would like to hear from
anyone with relevant experience.

You may contact me off-list at sibsen at pnca.edu. If anyone is also
interested in this topic, let me know and I will summarize the results.


Serenity Ibsen
Technical Services and Archives Librarian
PNCA | Pacific Northwest College of Art
511 NW Broadway
Portland, OR 97209-3404
503-821-8953 | Office
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