[Libs-Or] Technology Assistance - How much is too much?

Kirsten Brodbeck-Kenney kbrodbeck-kenney at lincolncity.org
Wed Jan 6 16:04:50 PST 2016

This is essentially our policy, as well. We also have a policy that we don't handle patrons' devices; we'll verbally walk them through the process, but we don't touch anything. 

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We only offer technology help related to library services. We stray over the line sometimes, but this policy prevents us from going down a troubleshooting black hole.
Charles Dunham
541 766-6965
Adult Services Librarian
Corvallis-Benton County Public Library

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When helping patrons with technology, where do you draw the line? Does your library have a policy, or does each staff member set their own limits?
Showing them how to download and use e-book apps is one thing, but what about things like...
installing free software, such as Adobe reader or an anti-virus?
 walking them through system updates?
 transferring pics from phone/tablet to cloud storage?
We're trying to teach them to fish, and there is a reason they aren't going to Geek Squad; however, complaints and perhaps liability issues could surface when working with patrons on their devices.
Do you set time limits, tell the patron you're "hands-off" prior to helping them, and is the service they receive consistent from staff member to staff member?
Looking forward to any advice you have. 

Thank you,


Aaron K. Novinger, SLIM '14
Emporia State University, Oregon Campus
anovinge at g.emporia.edu

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