[Libs-Or] How states performed on library measures in 2015

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Here is another one in Oregon that got left out of the article:

Measure 22-139 - Sweet Home Library Five Year Operating Levy Continuation

Question: Shall the City continue the Library Operating Levy beginning in 2016 and maintain current services for another five years? This measure may cause property taxes to increase more than three percent.

Summary:  This levy would begin July 1, 2016 and all revenues received used to provide continued funding for the City of Sweet Home Library operations through June 2021.

This five year levy would produce at a rate of $1.17 per $1,000 of assessed value an estimated total of $2,620,269.02 from the following estimated annual authorizations to levy: $493,539.65 in 2016; $508,345.84 in 2017; $523,596.21 in 2018; $539,304.10 in 2019; and $555,483.22 in 2020. This estimate may reflect the impact of early payment discounts, compression and the collection rate.

Yes (57.75) No (41.80)

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I've included the information for Oregon below, but be sure to look at the whole article.

Suzanne L. Sager


  *   Voters approved a $2.7 million a year, five-year property tax levy for Eugene Public Library. Currently, the Bethel and Sheldon branches are open 26 hours a week. The levy will provide funds to keep the branches open an additional 22 hours a week and restore three hours of service on Sunday mornings at the main library. The 34,658 votes were split between 18,294 (52.8%) yes and 16,364 (47.2%) no.
  *   A replacement levy for the Washington County Cooperative Library Services passed, which will maintain and increase countywide library services at a new tax rate of 22 cents per $1,000 of assessed value. The first-year amount levied will be approximately $12.7 million. Voter turnout was 72,554, resulting in 45,761 (63.1%) for and 26,793 (36.9%) against the measure.

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During the 2015 election year, the ALA Office for Research and Statistics tracked 88 library referenda across 21 states. More than three-quarters of the measures passed, with 69 wins and only 18 losses (an additional one was advisory). Ohio and New York showed their strong support of libraries by passing 20 and 23 referenda respectively.

Read the entire American Libraries article by Kathy Rosa, Director, Office for Research and Statistics<http://americanlibrariesmagazine.org/2016/01/04/library-referenda-roundup-2015/>

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