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Hi everyone,

I attended ALA Midwinter Council sessions, and wanted to update you about
the main issues on the table and what we will be working on coming up.


   Amending the 2015 ALA Strategic Directions
   <http://www.ala.org/aboutala/strategicplan> by adding a fourth Strategic
   Direction: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. This motion to amend passed
   with no objections.

   The most contentious item on the agenda was the proposed resolution on
   the educational qualification requirements for future ALA Executive
   Directors to amend that the ALA executive director need an ALA-accredited
   master’s degree or a CAEP-accredited master’s degree with a specialty in
   school library media as a strongly preferred by not required educational
   qualification. After extensive comments both in support of and against the
   amendment, the resolution did not pass with a count of 75 votes in favor
   and 78 votes against.

   A Resolution Establishing Family/Caregiver Status as a Protected Class
   in ALA Volunteer Work passed (CD #31

      This protects volunteer committee members from losing positions on
      committees due to family emergencies or needs.

   A revised resolution passed on gun violence affecting libraries, library
   workers, and library patrons. Here is part of the statements of interest

      “Whereas the ALA Council passed the Resolution on Gun Violence (ALA
      Annual 2015 CD#45) stating that ALA:

         deplores the gun violence that materially affects libraries in the
         communities we serve;

         will work with state chapters and affiliates to support
         legislation that allows the prohibition of the carrying of
guns in or near
         libraries and other educational institutions;

      Whereas the ALA Council passed the Resolution Calling Upon Libraries
      to Build More Inclusive Communities (ALA Annual 2016 CD#44) stating that

         urges libraries, librarians, and library workers to cultivate more
         inclusive communities by actively engaging their communities
to defuse and
         deescalate a culture of violence based on hatred, discrimination, and

The ALA Executive Board hosted a Town Hall  for ALA Council and ALA members
to share feedback, concerns, ideas, and aspirations for ALA, especially in
regards to the recent presidential election and the current political
climate. You can watch the feedback session here:


Council is now currently on a statement in regards to NEH and NEA funding.
Danielle Jones
*Oregon Library Association ALA Chapter Councilor*
*Teen and youth librarian at Multnomah County Library*
*My pronouns are she, her, hers*
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