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Women of Library History submissions are officially open for 2017, which
will be YEAR FIVE of this project. If you're not an avid follower of the
project, the index is always a good source of inspiration!


Submissions are open for Women of Library History 2017!

Can you believe it? We are now collecting submissions for the *fifth* year
of Women of Library History.

For all the details, see our Call for Submissions
<http://womenoflibraryhistory.tumblr.com/submit2017> page. To see who’s
already been profiled, check the newly-updated Index

All of this information from last year’s Call (slightly updated) is still

WoLH readers know better
than to believe that concerns about intellectual freedom, progressive
causes, or even tattoos and undercuts are new to the profession. Now, it’s
time to share *even more stories* about the women who have mentored us,
blazed trails for us, and made us who we are.

The official Call for Submissions is here
<http://womenoflibraryhistory.tumblr.com/submit2017>; tell your friends! If
you’re not sure where to start, here are some suggestions:
–if you work in the library field, do you have a particular woman whose
teaching or mentorship has changed your outlook or made you better at your
job? For example, Alicia K. Long wrote about her mentor, Dr. Kathleen de la
Peña McCook
–do you work in, use, or walk past a library named after a woman? Find out
who she was! The earliest kernel of WoLH ideas was “tell me about that
lady’s portrait in your library,” and it’s still a great place to start. I
got help from local librarian Maria Harris and the DC Public Library
archives when I asked for more information about how the Juanita Thornton
branch library was named.
–maybe you have devoted a significant portion of your life to researching a
woman with library connections! Dr. Sharon McQueen wrote a post about May
Massee <http://womenoflibraryhistory.tumblr.com/post/44778674974/may-massee>
based on a biographical research project.

You can also send me links to posts you’ve already written elsewhere on the
Internet. If all you have is a name and a bit of information, but no spare
time to flesh it out, I’ll take that, too! For example, David Levy
submitted Dina Abramowicz
for consideration, but Kristen Hogan did the research and writing that made
that post possible.  (If you are willing to be a pinch researcher/writer,
please send me an e-mail to that effect and I’ll match you up with a topic
as necessary.)

*Women of Library History is 100% a volunteer project and a labour of
emphasis on “love” and “labour.” This year, I’m asking for all posts to be
submitted by February 28th; the earlier you can submit (or even just let me
know something is coming), the easier it is for me to make a schedule and
start queueing up posts. Get in touch if you have questions: Women Of
Library History at gmail.

And again, all the specifics about submitting are in the Call for
Submissions <http://womenoflibraryhistory.tumblr.com/submit2017>. Please
tell your friends, etc.!

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