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It seems like forever that we released the call for papers. Issue 1 is
finally published.

Journal of Critical Library and Information Studies
Vol 1 (2017)

Inaugural Issue
Guest Editors: Ronald E. Day, Andrew J Lau, Alycia Sellie


Table of Contents

Editors' Note
Why is the Journal of Critical Library and Information Studies Needed Today?
Andrew J Lau, Alicia Sellie, Ronald E. Day


On “Diversity” as Anti-Racism in Library and Information Studies: A Critique
David James Hudson

Towards an Archival Critique: Opening Possibilities for Addressing
Neoliberalism in the Archival Field
Marika Cifor, Jamie A. Lee

Mind the Gap: Towards the Integration of Critical Gerontology in Public
Library Praxis
Nicole K. Dalmer

Classification Along the Color Line: Excavating Racism in the Stacks
Melissa Adler

Contextualising Information Behavior: A Methodological Approach
Nicole Marie Gaston

Questioning the Past and Possible Futures: Digital Historiography and
Critical Librarianship
Heidi L.M. Jacobs, Cal Murgu

Critical Pedagogy In Libraries: A Unified Approach
Melissa M. Gustafson

Open Educational Resources and Rhetorical Paradox in the Neoliberal
Nora Almeida


Four Theses for Critical Library and Information Studies: A Manifesto
Jonathan Cope

Becoming-Infrastructure: Datafication, Deactivation and the Social Credit
Ramon Salim Diab

Minting the Obverse: Library and Information Studies as a One-Sided Coin
Tim Gorichanaz

Engaging an Author in a Critical Reading of Subject Headings
Amelia Bowen Koford

Importance of the Intersection of Library and Information Sciences with
Systems Theory
Hannah Lee

Literature Review
A Case for Critical Data Studies in Library and Information Studies
Tami Oliphant

Book Reviews
Review of The Undersea Network
Lisa Levesque

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