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dan cawley librarybusiness at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 16 13:33:31 PST 2017

thank you j. maurer for posting the pbs link regarding librarians protesting the president's executive orders.
the comments following the article, though lengthy and occasionally strident, are absolutely fascinating.

"lively" does not begin to describe the discussion.  i was utterly transfixed.

one thing is apparent... people (or, people who post on the internet) are passionate about libraries.
for good or for ill.
the article & comments are reminiscent of something kwame alexander once said in an interview:
books can serve as mirrors or windows--they help us see either a reflection of of ourselves or a foreign, outside, world.
undoubtedly, i butchered the quote but that's certainly how i felt after reading the discussion.
without staking out a position on executive orders, I do think an argument can be made that libraries provide a vibrant and necessary platform for public discourse.

dan cawleyseaside public library

(off the clock, speaking only for myself, and in no way representative of my employer's or colleague's opinions)
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