[Libs-Or] Follow-Up on Patrons in Abusive Relationships

Taylor Worley taylorlgkw at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 15:17:33 PST 2017

Thank you to everyone who provided information and recommendations after my
initial email. I wanted to follow up because there were a lot of good
ideas. And, for those of you curious, the patron did reach out and we had a
very positive conversation. I learned a lot about a family and their
hardships in addition to getting assurance of the patron's safety.

Recommendations and ideas included:

• Posters/information in the restrooms, both genders' if applicable.

• Easy access to brochures and information about resources/helpful

• Post hotline numbers in easily seen areas/in restrooms.

• "If you don’t have brochures, maybe you could inquire at your local DV
center. From the State’s website [https://www.oregon.gov/DHS/
ABUSE/DOMESTIC/Pages/index.aspx], I found the WomenSpace organization [
http://womenspaceinc.org/] located in Eugene. You might contact them to see
if they have brochures they’d send for your library. Alternatively or maybe
in addition, you could consider creating a flyer like I describe above.
I’ve seen similar postings in other public women’s restrooms."

• "And while I don’t know that the Lane County Law Library would have
anything specifically helpful, I’d be remiss if I didn’t encourage you to
reach out to them as needed. The Law Librarian, Neil Miller, has been in
the community a while and might know of other contacts or resources. He can
be reached at (541) 682-4337 or via email atneil.miller at co.lane.or.us."

• If there appears to be an active feud/situation in the library, call the
proper authorities/police.

• "...I think it's also worth mentioning that the relationship that you
have with your patron can be a powerful thing.  If you are friendly with
her, and if you have regular interactions however brief they may be, you
have created an opening, an invitation of sorts that is rooted in something
more than just your card and your offer to assist her. She may never take
you up on that offer, but it might matter very much to her that you have
made it.  And, if other patrons witnessed you taking this kind step, they
may reach out to you, or to other library staff, for help when they need it

Again, thank you to everyone who chimed in. We're stronger together!

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