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 This Week's Topic: INTERNET
1. VIDEO ... Using the YouTube "Filter" for Research
2. ARTICLE ... Using the YouTube "Filter" for Research
3. COMMUNICATING ... Making bullet messages clearer...

[rabbit hole]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0018ectEUNgvY8rlEkkhglWciVTeWs5Vr4xz7Cj03cHxAKlH3X43zIpfVR_xpiWR5AQ2KtokGVDKZcehDE4vrceYD8TiD4geNZ3N52d1giT7yOt1NCE_kTf7rCvMKg3-0Nvcl9X3nMUuBEY0FhqEiXhCvskvaRjZkQwejfjuKicY2khAm58-9bR_HrlsAORB-anx2vVo_EVNYg=&c=6ARQP8GsRcB3dZCCunPMLxgJnMD5Knxgr-6LXmbAWd9YYK21z6QDwQ==&ch=Yr7xF13ATtYVVchQPEaQNXmCcAf7BpfYq47MM8G6G0SEG1ONmmwETg==>

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INTERNET - Using the YouTube "Filter" in Research

I was doing research in YouTube and looked up "Setting goals with students." The results were full of irrelevant and even outdated videos -- displaying an overwhelming number of items to scroll through.

[watching videos]

YouTube's search algorithms pushes you towards the videos it determines are relevant. It doesn't rank them as to which are the most popular nor has the most views.

So sometimes it guides you down a rabbit hole ... until you not only view tons of videos that go afield from what you're searching for ... you forget what you were looking for in the first place!

The trick in doing research on YouTube is to use the Filter feature.

You may not have even known this option was available as the "Filter" button is easily overlooked. It doesn't even show up until you put some keywords into the YouTube search bar. Then it pops up!

Use the YouTube Search Filter

To refine your search from the get-go...
·     Go directly to YouTube.com*
·     Enter your keywords in the YouTube search bar at the top and hit Enter.
·     Now the Filter button will appear at the top of your results.
·     Click on Filter and make your selection from the list of options.

NOTE: Yes, sometimes YouTube choices come up when you search in Google's Chrome and other browsers, but in this situation we're talking about just looking in YouTube. You'll be surprised what you can find, when you immediately choose the Filter for the highest number of views. It's exciting to see what the world thinks is really great.

[search filter]

YouTube Filter Choices

[view count]

The first Filter choice that is often used is, of course, "View Count". Then, there are many other options which can be quite useful. Here are a few in each category you may find interesting.

UPLOAD DATE: If your search needs timely results, narrowing down by date or time-frame is helpful.


·     Video - Standard video upload by an individual or organization.
·     Channel - A YouTube channel is available to all members that upload videos. The channel serves as the home page for the user's account.
·     Playlist - This is a group of videos that play in an order – within a user's account.
·     Movie - Major motion pictures… like Toy Story or Titanic.
·     Show - A television show… such as Friends or Ellen. NOTE: Many Movies and Shows are part of premium subscriptions.

DURATION: Select less than 4 minutes or more than 20... if you have a video length preference.


·     Live - Video creators can broadcast live in real-time. If you see a "Live" icon at the bottom of the player, it's a live stream. For instance, when a royal wedding is occurring or a congressional hearing it is often being broadcasted on YouTube. You can use the filter to find what is happening at the moment.

·     Subtitles/CC - Captions are a transcription of dialogue, while subtitles are a translation. Closed captioning (CC) can be turned off by the viewer, while open captions are actually embedded into the video and cannot be turned off.

·     Creative Commons - YouTube allows creators to mark their videos with a Creative Commons "CC BY" license. This means that for videos with this license, the creator retains the copyright, but you can reuse the work subject to the terms of the license for your purpose.

VIDEO TYPES - Newer releases for viewing enjoyment.

·     360˚ - Video recordings where a view in every direction is recorded at the same time. The viewer can rotate the video screen with a directional control in the upper left of the video.

·     VR180 (Virtual Reality 180)- This is a video format that, when viewing it, it perceptually feels like the content is teleported to the space around your body. You do need a VR headset to view this type of video.

·     3D - This format adds stereoscopic vision (two separate images are shown simultaneously—one to each eye). View with 3D goggles.

·     Relevance - This is the default setting for searches. You'll see it highlighted when you first click the Filter option. When you select a different filter, this selection is toggled off.

·     View Count - See the videos that have been viewed the most in the search results.

·     Rating - This is not if viewers like the video. Instead, it relates to how paid movies in YouTube are rated (G, PG-13, R, etc.)

Filter by One or Several Categories

In some of the lists you can choose more than one filter at the same time. For example, in the image below, under Features, we chose both HD and Creative Commons. However, be careful not to narrow your search too much or you may miss some relevant video choices.

[filter by more than one category]

Using a mobile device? Find the Search Filter in the upper right corner of the screen.


Communication: Presentations, Reports
Watch your consistency in lists

You know there are many cases where you have a list of items, right? Sometimes they're in bullets and other times they may be headings to short paragraphs.

In either case, whether you're in front of a crowd presenting, writing a report for management, or crafting a social media post for followers, you want your list of items to be consistent in structure.

For instance, if you start with a verb, be sure every item starts with a verb. If your list is of nouns, make sure they all are. Don't switch back and forth between verbs, nouns or between phrases and sentences.

Examples #1 and #2 (from a proposal document). Which do you think is more effective?

#1) The assessment phase includes:
·     Announcing the project
·     Individual interviews
·     Reviewing the desktops
·     Use of documents
·     Survey questions

#2) The assessment phase includes:
·     Project Announcement
·     Individual Interviews
·     Desktop Reviews
·     Document Use
·     Survey Questions

So you see how matching the structure of each bullet makes for a clearer message?

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