[Libs-Or] new state librarian

Esther Moberg, OLA President olapresident at olaweb.org
Thu Apr 4 15:39:10 PDT 2019

I look forward to working with the new State Librarian, I am excited for
Jennifer Patterson to take on that role.
I also have to say it has been a privilege to work with Caren Agata as she
has been in the interim state library role for over a year. I know she
shouldered the burden of being the glue that held everything together very
gracefully while continuing to move the State Library forward. She  did an
excellent job presenting the budget for the state library to legislators
this year. I know we will continue to work together with Caren as she steps
down into her other role at the state library but I sincerely appreciate
all she has put in over the past year. Thank you Caren!
Esther Moberg
OLA President, 2018-19
olapresident at olaweb.org
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