[Libs-Or] Northwest Institutional Repository User Group (NWIRUG) Meeting - Request for Feedback

Kathleen Spring kspring at linfield.edu
Sun Apr 7 13:14:08 PDT 2019

Hello past and future attendees of the Northwest Institutional Repository User Group (NWIRUG) Meeting,
Each year, each of us makes an effort to decide how to best use our professional development funds. The lucky few can choose multiple options among the many possibilities, while the majority of us are lucky to attend one meeting or conference a year. After making that difficult decision, you might often find yourself attending your chosen destination thinking, ‘I was hoping this would be more useful. I could be back at work getting some of my growing pile of responsibilities taken care of.’
This realization prompted us to rethink the annual NWIRUG Meeting. One change we are trying is making this a biennial meeting, meaning there will be no meeting this year (2019) but there will be a meeting next year (2020). The rest of the changes depend on your feedback. We want your feedback which will help us make the event more meaningful and give you something to look forward to instead of being just another possibility on your list.

We know that you might prefer to come to the NWIRUG Meeting every year, but for now you will have the ability to explore other meetings in the off year and bring your ideas to us in 2020. Right now, the biggest way you can help us make a better event is to fill out this very short survey: https://forms.gle/BqkP6dvB5EsLMbUo9
Now go get some work done (after filling out the survey)! Many thanks from those of us who put this show together.

Talea Anderson, Washington State University
Karen Bjork, Portland State University
Joseph Cera, Berkeley Law, University of California
Johanna Meetz, Pacific University
Kathleen Spring, Linfield College
Kathleen Spring
DigitalCommons Coordinator/Associate Professor
Jereld R. Nicholson Library
Linfield College
digitalcommons at linfield.edu<mailto:digitalcommons at linfield.edu>
Office hours: Sunday-Thursday
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