[Libs-Or] OLA Quarterly Author Showcase: Adelaide Clark, Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen, OIT

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Adelaide Clark is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Dawn
Lowe-Wincentsen is the Interim Director of Libraries at Oregon Institute of
Technology. Please download and read their new article, “Sciences and
Technology Open Resources: A Collaborative Effort Between Libraries and
Faculty,” here: https://commons.pacificu.edu/olaq/vol24/iss3/4/

>From their article, “College costs are rising. Students who are paying more
in tuition, more on housing, more fees, may not have enough to cover
textbooks…. Open Oregon Educational Resources (2018) researched the changes
open educational resources have had on textbook affordability in community
colleges in Oregon between 2015 and 2017. One comparison in the report is
the number of hours a student working minimum wage would need to work to
afford course materials. In 2017, at a two-year college that was 176 hours
of work. While similar data is not yet available for Oregon four-year
one may assume it is near to double or more, topping 300 hours of work.”
Please read on to learn about the herculean efforts librarians and
professors at Oregon Institute of Technology are making to reduce financial
barriers to college for their students.  Please think about how these
efforts will benefit our society as a whole.  More students will be able to
attend college, have access to career opportunities, and provide society
with the technological innovations we need to meet the challenges of the
future. This is good work.

Photo: Adelaide Clark, Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen.

Thank you,

Charles Wood

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