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Hi there, I would strongly recommend waiting until you have connected
directly with the educational staff and liaisons at OSCI that are in
partnership with Corban for this particular program, as there are
differences among institutions in regards to guidelines, especially
depending on how students will be accessing the texts (through the
institution's library vs directly through their instructor or advisor) and,
likewise, depending on how the books will make their way inside, if they
will be remaining inside permanently, etc. These staff should have the
answers, as well as access to the DOC stickers that are placed on approved
items kept in students' possession once they have been internally
processed, if applicable, or they will have the particular procedures for
how shared books are processed and managed at OSCI for each program offered.

Here is their contact info from the State Phone Book

[image: image.png]

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> New librarian adventure. I will be physically processing books for a
> program that will be offering degrees within a prison.
> There will be some challenges including no internet/no computers. We have
> not been given guidelines on what is acceptable with physically processing
> the books, labels, stamps, tape, etc. And no one seems to have the answers,
> yet. So, I am reaching out the general librarian population.
> Has anyone processed books for the prison system in Oregon? Does anyone
> know where I can find information on guidelines? Is anyone a librarian for
> the prison system? Can I pick your brain?
> Thank you,
> Sarah Davis, MLIS
> Cataloguer/User Services Manager
> Corban University
> 5000 Deer Park Dr.
> Salem, OR 97317
> 503-375-7028
> sdavis at corban.edu
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