[Libs-Or] Announcing the 2019 Puppet Wars Winner

Greta Bergquist greta.bergquist at state.or.us
Mon Apr 15 10:10:25 PDT 2019

Hi folks,

We (and Waffles the chicken puppet) are pleased to announce that Octavian the Octopus from Oregon City has won the 2019 Oregon Library Puppet Wars! Big props to Barratt Miller and Aaron Novinger and the whole team at Oregon City, and props to ALL the puppets who participated, as well as their library people at Baker City, Coquille, Crook County, Deschutes, Oregon Trail, and St. Helens. I hear there will be some Facebook concession posts coming up…

AND a big round of applause for the creative Jane Scheppke, who was the ringleader of the puppet circus. Thanks for all your behind the scenes work on this, Jane!

Happy Monday,

Greta B

Greta Bergquist
Youth Services Consultant
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