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Jennifer Lantrip is a Research and Instruction Librarian and Carol McGeehon
is the Director of the Sue Schaffer Learning Commons and Library at Umpqua
Community College since 2014. Amy Hofer is the OER coordinator for Oregon’s
24 community colleges and universities. Please download and read their new
article, “Extending Open Textbook Network Workshop and Reviews to Include
All OER and Library Materials,” here:

Abstract: “The cost of higher education is a barrier for many students,
keeping them from attaining their goals. While textbooks and course
materials are just a small part of the total cost of attendance, this is
the area where faculty can have a direct impact in lowering costs. By
choosing openly licensed course materials, faculty can not only help
students save money but also have complete control over customizing their
curriculum. This article describes a workshop model that offers stipends
for faculty to review open educational resources (OER), which increases the
likelihood that they will go on to adopt OER in their courses. Librarians
at Umpqua Community College (UCC) extended the workshop model, and their
innovation is now being implemented statewide.”

This is innovative work in the truest sense, being done at UCC and across
the state.  Please visit the Open Oregon Educational Resources website at
https://openoregon.org/ to learn more.  If there is anything else this big
is going on in Oregon libraries today, please let us know.  The Fall 2019
Issue can be about that.

Thank you,
Charles Wood
OLA Communications
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