[Libs-Or] OSULP Seminar Friday 19 April: Peer Review of Research Data Submissions Study. How can we improve the curation of research datasets to enhance reusability?

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Hi all –
  For those not going to OLA-WLA, Oregon State is hosting a seminar.

What: Peer Review of Research Data Submissions Study. How can we improve the curation of research datasets to enhance reusability?
At Oregon State University we apply good practices to curate datasets submitted in our institutional repository, ScholarsArchive at OSU. However, we don’t really know if the datasets in our repository are really reusable by domain experts. Datasets are rarely evaluated and reviewed by researchers when submitted to a repository, and the workflows and recommendations that we use as guidelines are usually developed by librarians (e.g. the FAIR Principles).
The goal of the project that we will present is to inform our curation methods and ensure that the limited resources of our library are being used effectively to maximize reusability of research data. To do so, we used domain expert peer review: we contacted all the researchers that have datasets submitted in Oregon State University’s institutional repository and asked them for potential reviewers for their datasets. We asked these domain experts to review the published datasets with reusability in mind, including the quality of the repository record, the quality of the documentation, and the quality of the data. We also evaluated the datasets ourselves, to represent the point of view of librarian curators.
In this presentation we will share how the domain expert evaluation of the reusability of a dataset compares with the librarian’s evaluation (ours). We will also share ideas about how librarians can help improve workflows to curate research data in institutional repositories.

Who: Clara Llebot Lorente & Steve Van Tuyl, OSU Libraries

When: Friday 19 April, 10-11am
Where: Willamette Rooms, OSU Valley Library and https://oregonstate.webex.com/webappng/sites/oregonstate/meeting/info/113143448140262218?MTID=m64b15d0fd3653879035f83e5d0fd35db
FFI: Brooke Robertshaw, brooke.robertshaw at oregonstate.edu<mailto:brooke.robertshaw at oregonstate.edu>


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